Specialized scabies boil hot pimple acne acne hair follicles sac red skin package

Sick sore perianal palpable unnamed lumps wound healing and so on

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common problem

Has been out of 2 days pus, out of a lot of things, but still very hard, very painful, can it be used?
Scabies not broken but around the swelling and pain, this situation is effective?
Scabies good after everyone left a lump it?
Is it useful for abscesses?

Why choose us?

Smell the chronic disease have miraculous effects

Especially when the scabies hair deep in the texture, the general drug is difficult to cure, the ointment can pull out deep purulent purulent scabies, dispel carrion, muscle growth, so that scabies gradually eliminated.

Patent detoxification cream, penetrate fast, does not hurt the skin

Traditional Chinese medicine, patented product in China, pull out pus quickly, do not hurt the skin, so it will not leave scars like surgery

Dare to speak of the effect, millions of patients are highly recommended

We are the number one selling poison paste in China and are strongly recommended by millions of cured patients.

Invention of patented products, daring to speak with effect.

Specialized scabies, fire prickly heat, acne, red envelopes, sit sores, unnamed lumps, non-healing wounds


Use warm towels or alcohol cotton to clean the skin, there is an affront to the patch area need to be cleaned and then paste, the insulation film removed, with a hair dryer or lighter heating the front of the plaster 3-6 seconds, cool again after heating paste (be careful not to burn)

Tear off the product insulation film, heating the front of the black paste.

Use a lighter or blower heat source for about 3-6 seconds.

You can build the edge of the cloth, you can skip this operation.

Directly attached to the lump center interface, joint reinforcement at the link to avoid detachment.


Invention patent product

Material selection



Go to the residue

Stall system



Products real shot

5 sticks per bag

Each can be reused 2 times

After heating renderings

Single paste close-up